About Us

Flanagan|Bilton, LLC, a firm of expert attorneys and tax consultants with over 50 years of combined experience, launched FB Tax Management (FBTM), a full-service property tax management company.

Key features of the new FBTM service offerings include:

  • Parcel research
  • Customized tax reporting and monitoring
  • Tax payments
  • Refund management

Designed to partner with clients to provide superior real estate tax services and minimize risks, FBTM offers extensive advantages, including portfolio review to ensure client pay the lowest property tax possible.

At FBTM, we are completely focused on structuring our services in ways that will best benefit our client base. The new FBTM entity only serves to reinforce that purpose,” said Thomas D. Flanagan, Managing Partner of Flanagan|Bilton, LLC. "We remain committed to quality, exceptional legal and tax consulting practices related to property taxes, and are confident the FBTM offerings will further bolster Flanagan|Bilton’s long-standing reputation in this complex niche."

FB currently serves more than 1,000 clients in 46 states, including a wide-range of real estate investment trusts (REIT’s), banks, insurance companies and pension funds.